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Li Yuyu rushed to the hospital at the first time. In fact, the amount of information on this matter is limited, and it is impossible to explain what the problem is. This male reporter is completely importunate and wants to make Kim Soo-hyun confused. Kim Soo-hyun has been in the industry for so long that he is well versed in this set of theorems. If he says too much, the media will write that he will actively deny it because he really has something to do. If he says too little, the explanation will be pale and not convincing enough. If he does not say anything, he will write that the person concerned has acquiesced. Say more and make more mistakes, point to the end. Kim Soo-hyun said to this extent, and there is no further evidence of explosion, the mainstream media will at best write a sentence "Kim Soo-hyun and Lee Yu-yu are close friends in the circle", and those street tabloids who catch the wind have a bad reputation, with their general knowledge is simply self-deprecating. This little storm has come to a successful end here. As the days went by, Kim Soo-hyun stayed at home to hide his strength and bide his time. Lee Yu-yu attended several public events and spent his free time with the two brothers, Kim Soo-hyun and the youngest. The pace of life was relaxed and tranquil, which could be regarded as the most leisurely time after they were together. In the blink of an eye, Ruochu is coming out. Ding Yixu did not have much ambition for the box office of the film, coupled with Kim Soo-hyun's foot injury, he simply streamlined many promotional links, including the expedition ceremony, and retained the conventional VIP screening. At the end of June, the continuous summer arrived as scheduled. Ruochu was finally born aesthetically in this midsummer light year. Before the screening began, the front desk of the theatre was in full swing,white marble mosaic, and the two leading actors were chatting in the lounge. Li Yuyu picked up Ruochu's brochure and folded it into a three-page piece of paper with a still photo of him and Kim Soo-hyun looking at each other by the stream. He also wrote a plot outline. Li Yuyu said, "I haven't seen the movie, so I have no idea." Kim Soo-hyun said: "Ding Yixu did so well that even the leading actor couldn't see it first." Li Yuyu was very unhappy. "What do you want to do when you criticize my idol in front of me?" “……” When there was a knock on the door, Li Yuyu ran to open the door. "Long time no see." Kim Soo-hyun, a disabled person, had a wrong perspective and asked, "Yu Yu, who is that?" Li Yanyu moved sideways,Stone Honeycomb Panel, "see for yourself." A tall and thin man came in. His appearance was not very handsome, but it was rare that he was both masculine and bookish. His temperament was both good and evil. According to the standard of actors, he was very plastic. Kim Soo-hyun was stunned and immediately laughed, "is the crew willing to release people?" It was Moon Ji-woo, who replaced Kim Soo-hyun as the leading actor, who replied, "Only three hours off." Kim Soo-hyun said, "Can you catch up with the progress?" Wen Zhiyu said: "I am desperate to catch up, and I can only sleep for one or two hours every day." Kim Soo-hyun knew, "Don't faint and be sent to the hospital. It really doesn't feel good." Wen Zhiyu said, "Personal experience?" Li Yuyu jumped out, "he regarded himself as a superman, but in fact he was a Jinxiu man, and he was not made of iron.". Mr. Wen Zhiyu, pietra gray marble ,Granite Slab Supplier, he is a bad example. Kim Soo-hyun smiled and dared not answer. Rain, not everyone can do not be impatient. Moon Ji-woo looked at Kim Soo-hyun. "The opportunity is right in front of us. We must seize it regardless of everything." Kim Soo-hyun, "that's right." Moon Ji-woo cleared his throat. "Kim Soo-hyun, don't say thank you. The ratings of this play are less than 30. I retire." Kim Soo-hyun raised his hand, "is the requirement so low?" Wen Zhiyu clapped hands with him, "how much is appropriate?" "This is just the starting point," Kim said. "Of course," said Wen Zhiyu. Kim Soo-hyun touched his chin. "I feel like I've found a terrible opponent for myself." Wen Zhiyu's reply has a profound meaning, "it is also very respectable." Li Yuyu jumped out again, "Hey, am I not an opponent?" Kim Soo-hyun and Moon Ji-woo smiled at each other and said in unison, "The younger generation is awesome." Chapter 130 Wen Zhiyu left, Chi Lie came again, "there are still ten minutes left." Li Yuyu bent down and helped Kim Soo-hyun tidy up his collar. "I'm a little nervous." Kim Soo-hyun took advantage of the situation to hook the child's chin, raised his face and kissed him gently, "smile when you are nervous." "Hm?" "Because I'm a little nervous, too." At eight o'clock in the evening, the VIP screening will start on time.
Invited stars took turns to appear, Keyeast's members came to help, in addition to many artists who had worked with film directors and leading actors, it can be said that the star-studded scene was unique. Li Yuyu was sad for no reason. "I miss brother Jixiong." Kim Soo-hyun exhorted: "Cheer up and concentrate." Ruochu's supporting actors came to the stage in turn, the previous one introduced the next one, and then lined up to wait beside them. Special mention here to Moon Ji-woo, his role in the movie is very soy sauce, but today is different from the past, Kim Soo-hyun was injured in a car crash, the TV series did not broadcast first fire, Moon Ji-woo then rose to fame, Ding Yixu as his senior duty-bound to help him, friendship play, these four words are quite thought-provoking. Ding Yixu stepped onto the stage and took the microphone handed by Wen Zhiyu. "Finally, we solemnly invite the two leading actors of Ruochu: Mr. Kim Soo-hyun and Mr. Li Yuyu." Lee took a deep breath and pushed Kim Soo-hyun, who was sitting in a wheelchair, slowly from behind the scenes to the front of the stage. From last summer's preparation to this summer's release, Li Yuyu has experienced a process from scratch. It is also during this period that he found the golden summer in his life. He is moved, grateful and filled with emotion. And tonight at Megabox COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul, this film about homosexual love will welcome the first group of audiences with picky tastes, including popular stars, directors on Zhongwu Road, and various media who have mastered the direction of public opinion. Evaluation of good or bad is unknown, and success or failure is also a number of five or five, not to mention the merits and demerits that need to be witnessed by years. All this uncertainty is also one of the charms of the film itself. Lee stopped, put one hand on Kim Soo-hyun's shoulder, bent down, and kept on the same level with Kim Soo-hyun, facing the media and the public. The flash was everywhere. Lee bent his eyes and showed the most perfect smile. Li Yuyu thought,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, how lucky I am to be with you side by side. Kim Soo-hyun whispered: "I am very happy to meet Li Yuyu." Li Yuyu heard clearly, to Kim Soo-hyun's smiling eyes, "said a year too late." 。 forustone.com


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